The Monsanto Investigation
                           Michael Ross
Companies such as Monsanto & DuPont, need to be held liable, for the current damage being done to the planet . This is why we will be
filing a lawsuit against these companies. We hope that through legal actions, that we may be able to stop these companies from
further harming the environment, once and for all.

For the record, Youtube blocked my channel ""  My video site was up for over 6 years on the internet. I understand it is the government and social networking sites such as Facebook, that are trying to restrict and limit the free press as much as they can right now. Many people who are trying to tell the truth, are being blocked from different controlled social networking sites such as Facebook. I do a lot of good science and cancer research, I am also part of the free and independent press. I feel that it is my right to show the people the truth. I do not think that my cancer research should be blocked from the public as well.

Scroll down below to see the lawsuit we filed against Humboldt County. This lawsuit is in regards to the freedom to exercise our
Second Amendment rights in America, while being located on a hemp farm for a medical cannabis collective in California.

The following articles have been released for public viewing.

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Here are the following legal documents for my new court case in Humboldt County, you will see that I work for a legal cannabis collective and obey the laws, here is the paperwork.


Many people will ask, why what I am about to do, could have been avoided. I want the people to know, that it is the government of California, that continues to harass and bully me, while trying to infringe on my Constitutional rights. I am ready to make my mark on the world, and go down in history as the next great journalist that started the great Second American Revolution. I wish I could avoid what I am about to do, but the government of California leaves me no other option.
I would like to tell my family that I love them, and to tell my fans to reupload my work, if they try to censor the web.
I am only 34 years old, and I am on of the top researchers in the country. When I see how a tyrannical government wants to infringe on my guns rights, while
trying to threaten me with throwing me away in a dark pit for a good portion of my life. I simply want out of all of this harassment. I would rather make my mark on the world now, and set an example to the people of the world, what happens to government officials that try to confiscate the guns of Americans, on private farms, when I am simply obeying the law. This is your chance to stop the harassment of my media agency, and that we can work this out, without using any violence.
The government has the choice to stop harassing me, but they will not.
When I do what I am about to do, I want the American people to take equal steps, in stopping all of the authorities in California from doing this.
We often hear about many police being shot in the news as well, this is happening while it is the police and the authorities that break my Constitutional rights, while trying to throw more people into private prisons. This is why people are feeling very little sympathy for many police, that are now violating the Constitution, while thinking they can kust get away with violating my Constitutional rights. Many people in California are known for being anti-Constitution, and anti-gun rights, they even voting for people such as Dianne Feinstein. I do not trust the people of California to do the right thing, in fact, I have lost trust in the people of California to uphold the Constitution. I have lost trust the people of California, to even have a proper jury trial, because too many of their politics are not right. Donald Trump, please do not allow these authorities in California, to undermine the Constitution and destroy my Constitutional rights. Doanld Trump, can you please stop the authorities in California from trying to ruin my life, why is the government so set on trying to ruin my life and my medical research? However, many revolts and revolutions in the history of America could not have been avoided. This is why I am ready to stand up and fight for my rights to bear arms. I am going to set an example for the authorities in California, so they know that they should have never tried to bully me for having a firearm on my own private property.
I am going to set an example for the history books, for thousands of years to come. Watch what happens when a tyrannical government tries to go around and confiscate the guns of American people. What makes it worse is that this is happening to me, as a journalist, and I will not stand for my Constitutional rights being infringed upon. Now you are going to see what happens when the government tries to take away my firearms illegally, this is being done so that the government of California, does not harm more American gun owners. The government of California is now going to think twice about gun confiscation on private property, when good Americans are obeying the law.  It is not right how they are trying to say it is illegal to have a firearm on a medical cannabis grow, but that it is not illegal to have a firearm on a regular cannabis grow. I feel that my gun rights are being infringed upon, and I will do what is right to defend my Constitutional rights, and not allow a few politicians in California, to try and harm the gun owners of America more. I consider the government of California, of inflicting cruel and unusual punishment upon me. The government of California needs to stop right now, or else you are going to have many problems that you will not want to make.

Why do you threaten me, with trying to throw away my life at such a young age. I would much rather continue a peaceful life, or even help fight the war on terror against ISIS. Why are you threatening to throw away my life, when I have some of the most important work in the world. I have more important work than all of the attorneys and judges in California. I would like to challenge the district attorney and the judges of California, to beat or match my medical, cancer and science research. You will never be able to duplicate my research. Now I accuse you of trying to harm my medical research, and treat me just how teachers, journalists and scientists were singled out under the Pol Pot regime, because that is exactly what is happening. What you are doing to me is not even humane, you have already ruined months of my studies and medical research. I do not like how the government of California, tries to treat many journalists and researchers, and it is not a good example to set for the decency of humankind. If you want to continue to treat me like this and harm me, then I have the right to defend myself against these harmful actions against my science research and my life, I will not let you break my Constitutional rights and do this to me.

We often hear many organisations and people refer to the phrase "Let's fight cancer together." It is not right how we hear all the stories about how certain groups and governments are the one's that are suppressing medical and cancer research, including going after that people doing this research. I feel that the real powers that be, are suppressing medical and energy technology from the public, this is one of the many reasons why I became a journalist and medical researcer.  We should work together to fight ccancer and many other illnesses, we also need to fight against poverty as well.


Donald Trump has stated that he does not want the federal government to prosecute people for medical cannabis. This is good, and Donald Trump has heard the people finally. This means that it is now going to be much more difficult for the proseecuting attorney in Humboldt County, to try and bring more false charges and accusations against me.  You cannot prosecute me for working for a collective, and having the proper paperwork as well. California is now breaking the law, by stating that they will not allow the Constitutional right to own a firearm, with a legal substance such as alcohol, tobacco or cannabis. I have the right to own a firearm in my place of work, especially if my life is being threatened.


Congress Won't Give Jeff Sessions Money to Fight State Marijuana Laws (Video)

By Graham Lanktree On 5/2/17

Congress won’t give Attorney General Jeff Sessions any money to fight a war on state laws to legalize marijuana—at least not in the new budget bill.
A bipartisan group of House Democrats and Republicans agreed Sunday to $1 trillion in government spending to avoid a shutdown and see them through to the end of September.
But while it also gave $1.5 billion more for border security and $12.5 billion for new military spending, there wasn’t any money for Sessions to go after states that have legalized medical marijuana and or where the recreational use of the drug is legal.

The move quashes potential plans to try to prevent 44 states, plus Washington D.C. and the territories of Guam and Puerto Rico, “from implementing their own laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of medical marijuana.”
The move led pro-legalization advocacy groups and House representatives to urge Congress to amend federal law, removing cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act at a time when support for legalizing marijuana is at an all-time high.
“I reject the idea that America will be a better place if marijuana is sold in every corner store,” Sessions said March 15, likening its use to heroin.


This is a very low level cannabis offense, and that they are the ones blowing this way out of proportion. Can you please stop this right now, you are adding too much unwanted stress to my job as a journalist. Can you please just dismiss and expunge these frivolous and bogus charges. If you do not, you will be treated as an enemy of the American people, and I will do what I must to make a statement about my Constitutional rights being violated by corrupt government officials. They just want to put people in private prisons, and I will not allow this to happen. I do not think the government of California, will now be able to even prosecute me, which is why I wish they would drop this, so I can get back to my work, I am a very good person and do not deserve to be jailed for cannabis, and was also non-violent. Can you just drop this, and I will always be grateful for my freedom, and do not want to start any problems with the officials in Humboldt, as long as they do not violate my Constitutional rights. When you try to violate my Constitutional rights, I will do all in my power to keep my Constitutional rights. It is a God given right, to be able to own a firearm in America, and those rights are not to be infringed upon.


Monsanto Accused Of Hiring Army Of Trolls To Silence Online Dissent – Court Papers
Documents emerged during lawsuits against Monsanto

 May 2, 2017

Biotech giant Monsanto is being accused of hiring, through third parties, an army of Internet trolls to counter negative comments, while citing positive “ghost-written” pseudo-scientific reports which downplay the potential risks of their products.
The documents emerged during pre-trials on 50 lawsuits against Monsanto which were pending in the US District Court in San Francisco.
The plaintiffs allege that exposure to the biotech giant’s flagship product, the herbicide Roundup, caused them or their relatives to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma, while Monsanto concealed the potential risks.


I currently filed a lawsuit against Humboldt County, California, in order to get my firearms that were illegally confiscated by the government. I work for over three different Collectives, and I was illegally detained, for simply having a firearm on legal medical cannabis farm. The lawsuit has been going on since December, 2015. On April 28th, 2017, the government decided to try and prosecute me for having a firearm on a medical cannabis farm. On April 29th, 2017, Donald Trump state that the eight-year assault on the second Amendment is over. I would like to say thank you Donald Trump, as a good American citizen, I need your help.


Trump Declares ‘Eight-Year Assault on Second Amendment’ Over
“You came through for me, and I am going to come through for you.”

Truth Revolt - April 29, 2017

On Friday, President Trump delivered a speech to the National Rifle Association at its 2017 Leadership Forum in Atlanta. This marks the first time a sitting president has done so since Ronald Reagan in 1983.

Triumphantly, Trump told the enthusiastic crowd, “The eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end. You have a true friend and champion in the White House.”
“You came through for me, and I am going to come through for you,” he added.
Trump spent the early part of his speech thanking the NRA for backing his candidacy and helping him win the White House. He promised, “You’re my friends, believe me. To the NRA, I can proudly say I will never, ever let you down.”
The president thanked the NRA for its activism for the military, law enforcement, defending the American flag, and the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. He was able to rouse much applause during his speech, especially when mentioning his cabinet members. He certainly raised the roof when he called out “Pocahontas,” a.k.a. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), warning she could be a candidate in 2020 who “is not big for the NRA.”
So, it was a historic day for Trump and a day where gun rights were fully endorsed by the White House. Eight years was much too long.
Watch the president’s full speech above.


Wow, thanks Donald Trump.


Sessions Hints He Won’t Crack Down on Marijuana in States Where It’s Legal

May 2, 2017

Congress should recognize that it has no constitutional authority to ban marijuana — or any other drug — and simply repeal all federal drug laws
Michael Tennant | The New American


This is great, cannabis is legal in California, and it is still legal to own a firearm and have cannabis in California. It is Unconstitutional to discriminate an individual, based on herbal medicine that they are taking. I feel that I have already won this case, and that this will be a good example to set for the people of America. As a journalist, it is my job to find problems with the system and try to fix them. Often journalists put their lives on the line, because that is there job. I would ask the people to back me up on this, in order for the American people to have the right to bear arms on a private farm in America.

My name is Michael Ross, I am a journalist that exposes corruption around the world, I have never asked for any money. I do medical research, and I feel that part of me never will ask for money, cause there are so many people out there that claim to do cancer and medical research, just to get money. I will never ask for money, or take a bribe, it is my job as a journalist to expose the corruption going on in the planet, while trying to make a better planet for everyone. I feel that I am being illegally singled out as a journalist. I would like to ask the American people only one favor, and that is to stop the authorities in Humboldt County from arresting me. The authorities even have stolen 80,000$ of my money that I need to do more medical research. I would like the authorities to stop trying to single me out as a medical journalist, and stop the harassment and bullying. I accuse the government of California, of trying to destroy my medical research. My California Driver's License number is D8434672, please do not let them illegally detain me as a journalist.

Six Arrested During Raids in Southern Humboldt

September 20, 2016


The police in California say that they now want to make it illegal, for having a firearm on private property, where there is a legal hemp/cannabis farm. Even if you are on a legal cannabis grow from a co-op, that the authorities cannot tamper with. The government now wants to make it a felony, to have a firearm on private property in California, even if you are growing hemp legally. It is not right, cause my grandfather used to grow sugarcane and hemp in the 1930s, he even owned firearms, and everything was legal. This is America, as a journalist, and cancer researcher, I have a right to carry a firearm on private property.

I am here to find a balance and a resolution to owning a firearm on a farm in America. I am a peaceful and non-violent journalist, and try to be peaceful. It is the authorities that continue to inflict the violence and bullying against my media agency. My Constitutional rights are being violated, and this is a final warning to all the police in California, including the District attorney and judges in California, to not destroy the lives of good Americans. I feel that I am being singled out as a scientist and a journalist, and that the authorities no longer have any rights to take my firearms away, for being on a farm. The hemp plants were for a collective, and were not mine, I have the proper and legal paperwork. The government was trying to file charges against me, for cultivating cannabis, yet they have no grounds when we go to court with my collective.  The main reason why this happened, is because I asked for my 80,000$ back. They did not even prosecute all the other farmers, when my collective actually has the legal paperwork... This leaves us with the crime of me only possessing a firearm on a farm.

I will say this to all the authorities in Humboldt California, if you attempt in any way to press this case and try to jail me while trying to confiscate my firearms, I will treat this as a mutiny. I am simply trying to do science research, and have the right to own a firearm, and that is all. We want all the officials in California to know, that if you try to start taking away guns from the American people door to door, that the American people will resist gun confiscation. I am ready to set an example for all Americans to follow. If I am arrested,  the American people will rally against you, and defend their freedom to own firearms on a farm in America. I want the people to make sure that the government does not treat more Americans such as this. We need a 1776 style revolt against this corrupt system that is now breaking my Constitutional rights, including adding many petrochemicals in our food and water. I am willing to fight and die for my rights as an American. I also have a family just like you, and I do not want to have to be jailed, for protecting myself as a private investigator and medical researcher, when I am out in the middle of the woods. This is America, and I have the right to own a firearm and grow hemp for a collective.  All I was doing, is having a firearm, while growing for a collective, that is nothing. I do not feel that I deserve to be jailed, and would like to work this out.


Stoners and Guns Don't Mix, California Court Says

Friday, September 2, 2016

If you're a legit medical marijuana patient, you might be forfeiting your right to bear arms.
The California-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled this week that medical marijuana users in its jurisdiction do not have the constitutional right to gun ownership. A three-judge panel upheld a lower court ruling that said a Nevada gun store owner had the right to prohibit a medical pot cardholder from buying a firearm.


Gun Ownership, the Second Amendment, & Marijuana Growers and Users

A 2016 lawsuit appeal heard by a three-judge panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirms the ATF’s position.
The lawsuit was brought by S. Rowan Wilson, a legal Nevada marijuana user who tried to buy a gun from a Nevada firearms dealer.
The gun seller somehow knew that Wilson was involved with marijuana, and refused to sell her the gun, citing a letter that ATF sent out to the gun industry warning gun dealers not to sell to the marijuana community.
Wilson filed a lawsuit in Nevada against the federal government, claiming her constitutional rights were being violated.
A district court judge dismissed the lawsuit in 2014.
Wilson appealed to the Ninth Circuit panel, which upheld the dismissal.
The court’s written decision said Wilson’s right to bear arms under the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution had been infringed, but that the government had a right to infringe it.
“It is beyond dispute that illegal drug users, including marijuana users, are likely to experience altered or impaired mental states that affect their judgment and that can lead to irrational or unpredictable behavior,” the decision said.
I want to share with you my experience as a marijuana-growing gun owner…
I never owned a gun until I started growing marijuana and providing it to medical marijuana patients.
A fake medical marijuana patient set me up so I was robbed while delivering OG Kush to her home.
I realized I was in a dangerous business.
I consulted with a security/self-defense expert after the robbery.
He said, “Martial arts won’t help you. Get a gun.”
I went to a gun store.
The store had no windows, and was built like a bunker.
Had to get buzzed in via a door made of thick plates of metal.
Guys working the counter were armed, with guns in side holders and waist holsters.
One employee was wearing two guns.
They looked nervous, and mean.
I told them what I wanted.
They recommended a Glock 23– a .40 caliber pistol that’s 7 inches long and 5 inches high that weighs nearly two pounds loaded with the 17-round optional clip I bought.
I had to fill out a federal firearms form.
There was a waiting period between the time I bought the gun and could actually take it out of the store.
I also took a gun safety course that showed me just how damned loud guns are, even with Remington hearing protectors on.


Just because a few people that call themselves judges, that vote on a sensitive issues, and think that they can just ban firearms on American farms overnight, does not make this right.
As I get older, the less I think about many of these judges. All it is, is some invalid that dresses up in a black robe, and acts like a sociopath in many cases. I will not
have my Constitutional rights violated by any lawyer and judge. I am also tired of hearing in the media, on how many corrupt judges there are in California.
I feel that I no longer want to hear this judge and district attorney speak about trying to undermine the Constitution and Second Amendment. I am asking the American
people to step in, and stop these judges and district attorneys at all costs necessary, if these authorities continue to violate my Constitutional rights. Please someone help me and stop these corrupt government officials, from trying to ruin my science and cancer research.  Why is it that the government is always trying to single me out, as a journalist. I do not want to have to start a conflict, because my Constitutional guns rights are being violated. Can we please come to a reasonable agreement, without using violence, and to where I am not being thrown in jail, cause this adds a lot of stress, when I think how the government is trying to destroy my research. You know that the liberal judges in California, many of whom support Dianne Feinstein, want to take the guns away of the American people. The judges in California are the last people that we should trust on this subject.
Donald Trump stated that he wants to help Americans out, and repeal many of the gun restrictions. When this happens, good Americans such as myself will no longer be harassed and threatened by Unconstitutional laws that harm Americans.
Trump states that he says the right to keep and bear arms, preexists the government and Constitution.
Trump states that owning guns, is an inalienable right, to not be infringed upon.
 It is good that there is now talk, of Trump wanting to lift the ban on magazine restrictions.
There is talk how Trump states he does not want to pass too many guns laws, and wants to propose tougher enforcement of the current laws of gun violence.  
In Virginia, there is a law that sentences people that use guns to commit crimes, to a minimum of five years in prison. Trump is now proposing this same type of law, which can be both good and bad. It is bad how the authorities now want to make it a crime to have a firearm on a cannabis farm, even when people like myself are breaking no laws. Does this mean that they can convict you even more now, which is not progress. In California, we voted on state medical cannabis laws, while it is the federal government, trying to harm the citizens of California. The federal government also legalizes many chemicals and toxins, as we see with my books on childhood cancer. It really is absurd how the federal government legalizes all these hazardous petrochemicals, while trying to make farming hemp illegal. I just want the people of the future to look back at it all. I tried very hard to stop a lot of the problems in the world, I blame the authorities and the people that do not help out on these subjects, such as toxins in our food and clothing, equally as guilty. Many of them even do not take this serious, then try to attack the scientists and researchers that are trying to make a difference. Unfortunately, it is too bad that many people won't even lift a finger, which I consider this equal of a betrayal, as what the government is doing with our food and water. I realize that many people are unaware, but more and more people are, and are with me on trying to change the planet for the better. I still feel that too many people are not on the same page, and that there needs to be a better way to come to better conclusions on what we should do as a society.


 Nov 13, 2016

The Conservative Tribune reports, One common criticism of billionaire businessman and President-elect Donald Trump is that he far too often speaks in vague generalities and rarely offers specifics about where he stands on the issues.


White House: Feds will step up marijuana law enforcement
 February 24, 2017

The White House said Thursday it expects law enforcement agents to enforce federal marijuana laws when they come into conflict with states where recreational use of the drug is permitted.
"I do believe you will see greater enforcement of it," White House press secretary Sean Spicer said regarding federal drug laws, which still list marijuana as an illegal substance.

He was careful to distinguish between use of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. President Donald Trump, he said, understood that marijuana could help ease suffering for patients with terminal illnesses.


Prison Stocks Soar Under Trump As Jeff Sessions Okays Private Jails

Feb 24, 2017

In the final months of the Obama administration, the Justice Department announced it would end the use of private prisons. In the first month of the Trump administration, the rule was rescinded. In a memo signed February 21, but released to the public late Thursday, the new U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, rescinded the order. Sessions decided not to phase out the use of private prisons by the federal government and that bodes well for prison stocks.


The government filed charges on me a couple weeks after this news article. I feel that this is not right, and they are just trying to throw more people in private prisons for profit. It is pathetic that they are doing this to good Americans such as myself, and that I do not want to be a victim of this private prison industry for profit, and that I will revolt against this type of inhumane treatment.


This is  to protect my life, and my family. We cannot let corrupt politicians undermine the right to bear arms. America is the land of freedom. America is all about the right to own your own land, and having the right to freedom of speech. Many politicians want to end this, because they hate freedom. We need to reform our laws and political government, so that less people get in trouble for having hemp in America. Many times this is how revolts and revolutions happen, in different civilizations. The government has now overstepped their bounds. This is similar to saying that you cannot own a gun with alcohol or tobacco.

I am going to ask the American people to back me up on this one.

I am staging a protest against the gun laws in California. It is not right that I am a private investigator, and that I am being singled out by the government of California, for being a journalist.  I ask that the people back me up on this right to exercise our Second Amendment rights to own a firearm on a farm. I also had blackberries, artichokes, peppermint, and asparagus growing. I consider this my home, more than a cannabis farm. I feel that I did not break any laws, in order to be arrested. I accuse the authorities in Humboldt county of failing the people, while going after private investigators investigating the corruption going on in Humboldt County. I demand a trial by Jury from my peers, and I will be found not guilty, by any reasonable jury in America. I believe that I should not even go to trial, and that the government should drop these charges. The authorities in Humboldt County should be ashamed, and do not represent the people, this includes all the new draconian laws for farming, including how the authorities are the people that are hurting business in Humboldt County, and why a lot of people do not even visit Humboldt County, cause of the new laws. This is America, I have the right to own a firearm to defend myself on my own property. It is not fair how it is the government passing new laws, and trying to entrap people two weeks after making new anti-gun laws in California.

Why is it that I hear from different people, that the district attorney in Humboldt County, has taken bribes, to let murderers free. Why is it that I am hearing this, while it is the district attorney that is so set, on trying to destroy my young life and my science and cancer research.
If this is the case, then I think that the prosecuting attorney is taking bribes, in order to try to file false charges against me. All I was arrested for, was having a gun on a cannabis farm, two weeks before I was arrested, they pass a law stating that it is illegal to own firearms on a medical cannabis farm in America. They state that it is legal to own firearms on a non-medical cannabis farm. In Colorado it is legal to own firearms and grow weed. This is why Trump wants to make a universal law, so that all Americans have the right to own a firearm and have hemp. I feel that my rights are being violated, and that the government is trying to single me out and bully me.  I ask the American people to stop these officials accused of corruption in Humboldt. I hear that the District Attorney in Humboldt County is taking bribes, to prosecute or not prosecute individuals. Many murderers are not being prosecuted, because the prosecuting attorney is being bribed. This is why Humboldt County is number 1 in missing people, while it is the prosecuting attorney that many are now accusing of corruption, and covering up real crimes. This same corrupt prosecuting attorney is trying to go after good men, that are trying to expose this corruption in Humboldt County. We are calling for a removal of the current prosecuting attorney in Humboldt County, if they continue to press this case.

I am no longer able to do my job properly, because of the government in Humboldt County, California, continues to attempt to block my investigations into these missing person reports.
I accuse the authorities of covering up many of these missing person reports in California. I accuse this of happening specifically to attack my media agency. 
I see now how the authorities in California, are the ones that try to go after the people investigating the missing people in California. How are we able to find missing people, if we happen to come across them, out in the middle of nowhere, when it is the authorities that do not even do their job correctly. While in different areas around the world, the police, prosecuting attorney and the judges are the people covering up many of these cases of missing people. 
I accuse the government of Humboldt County, for trying to harm my medical research and my family, and I want the bullying by the government of Humboldt County, or else I am going to ask the American people (American Militia) to intervene and stomp out this corruption that exists in the political system of California.
 We are for the legalisation of hemp, and the right for these people in Humboldt County to feed their families as well. Many of the farms here need organic and sustainable farming methods. The government wants to make it harder for honest citizens to defend themselves, while parts of the government continue to be behind kidnapping rings.
They want to disarm the population, and make people defenseless. This happens, while the government is covering up many of these kidnapping rings in California.

The authorities used illegal tactics, to interfere with these reports on missing people in Northern California. We know that there are many trafficking rings in California. We ask at this time, that the authorities in Humboldt County, stop tampering with these investigations.
How dare you harm my medical and cancer research. Notice how it is the Judge and prosecuting attorney, that are the ones wearing all these synthetic fibers in their clothing and shoes, that is accelerating the rate of cancer in people and children. My book on DuPont explains this, and why the government of Humboldt County is fascist, and harms my medical research. Look at all the nylon and spandex that even many of the police are wearing, while going after and harming journalists trying to solve childhood cancer. The authorities in Humboldt County have failed the people, and we are asking the American people to remove this nuisance from our political system. It is sad when you are a medical researcher, then you have goons such as the officials in Humboldt County, that are associated with trying to ruin your cancer and medical research as a journalist. I accuse the authorities in Humboldt County, as being just as bad as Pol Pot. The authorities in Humboldt County are treating American journalists and scientists, such as how the Pol Pot regime harmed teachers and journalists.

The government of Humboldt California, is making this very difficult right now.
We wish at this time, that the government of Humboldt County, California, to stop tampering with these investigations and to let me be. I also have a lot of cancer and science research that I need to complete. I feel that I was illegally detained, for no good reason.


We noticed that many people go missing around areas, such as Bohemian Grove and Murder Mountain.


Emerald Triangle’s ‘Murder Mountain’ In Marijuana Country Living Up To Its Name
September 11, 2014 
ALDERPOINT, Humboldt County (CBS SF) — Marijuana sales nationwide are estimated to hit $104 billion this year, and a lot of it is coming from California’s Emerald Triangle of Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity counties.
It’s not like the old hippy days any more according to residents, especially on a place they call “Murder Mountain.”
Miles off the main highway in southern Humboldt’s Marijuana country, the area is nicknamed after a serial killing long ago. People are still dying there, and disappearing without a trace.
I consider myself a doctor, I was working for a collective, on a farm. My job was to do most of the work, and guard the farm. My collective paid money to rent a piece of land, to grow on a couple acres of land for the Summer in Humboldt County. There were 1600 plants, on the property I was growing, 800 of them were for my collective, many of these plants were decent size.

A lot of people were firing their rifles in the area, cause America is about the right to have a gun and a farm, this is why I believe the police raided this area. The problem is that there were some growers, a half mile away, that were digging up parts of the creek. Our collective's farm was completely unaware of what was happening. We were not associated with the other farm that had a complaint filed on them. The police said we had a lot of plants, is what led them to search our farm.

This was the main reason why the authorities were called, is that someone saw the Bulgarian's digging up areas of the creek. The farm I was on, was a legal farm. We had the proper paperwork for having the right, to have the hemp. My collective even paid, to have water delivery trucks to come in. We were even growing in kiddie pools, to avoid nutrients from running off into the creek. I try to make my farms as sustainable and organic as possible. However, the police said that it was now a felony to have a firearm on a legal hemp farm, and they stated that was the only reason why I was going to be arrested. I think that my rights are being violated, and that I was illegally detained. I am willing to talk about it, because I am not embarrassed about it. Here is the link to where I was illegally detained by the authorities in Humboldt County, for 6 hours. It took over 15 authorities to arrest me. This is the same amount of authorities it took to arrest me in Texas, 7 years ago, for having 2 grams of hash oil. This is when I had a medical cannabis prescription in another state,  for legally obtaining the hash oil medicine. Six years later Texas legalized CBD hash oil.

The main reason why the police came, is people half a mile down from the creek, were digging up the creek, then the police had seen how much cannabis we had, and arrested me for just having a firearm.

There were also several problems to be honest, constant bird shot would be grazing our trees, to where you could hear bullets raining down in the trees. It did become a problem, and I was hit by a pellet. I never did go to the police, but this is unacceptable, and I am sure that a neighbor or someone must have called the police.
  There was even a dispute between two neighbors, when one claimed the other harvested a part of the other neighbors crops they were sharing. One neighbor then started to shoot bird shot in the air, so that it would rain down bird shot on the house of that person. This happened half a dozen different times, on different days. I eventually realized this was being done, to drive both of the people renting the property, off of the property, before they could harvest their plants. One day I heard a shot, then about six seconds later, some 12 gauge #7 bird shot came raining down and hit me in the head, the pellet did no damage. We even had trimmers there, that were almost hit, and were hiding behind me for protection. Pellets were missing my trimmers, by just a few feet. I did not go to the police, and I was about to harvest my collectives plants. We try to bring tourism to Humboldt. Tourists get to trim, be by the river, learn many different things about California and the Redwoods. I even let tourists shoot off my own firearms. I Even sometimes bring in some standup paddle boards, snowboards, bicycles, etc. It reminds me a lot of something such as being on a grape farm.

Other events that happened, such as why I am trying to protect myself, in the area that is known as one of the most dangerous areas of Humboldt County. One night I heard two people walking on a ridge with footsteps, they were trespassing, and I had to yell at them to leave. I charged the bolt back on my rifle, so that they could hear that I had a rifle, I was hiding behind a grow-pot, as cover. The night after that incident, my neighbor was robbed at 2 am, when two people ripped up several plants, then walked off dragging the plants, while pointing a rifle at my neighbors. This same individual also has pointed his rifle at 4-5 different people, at different points in the summer, he even fired rounds at the feet, sides and over the head of one worker, to try to get them off the property, so they could thin down the numbers of security that they had, in order to rob it more easily.
I even had one problem, where someone would shoot their rifle off 15 feet over my head, when I was directly below them on a cliff. This happened when I was watering the plants, I felt that this was done intentionally by the same people shooting their guns in the air, and trying to rob our farm. We had at least two people working on our farm, we would set tarps up, so that we would not face sniper fire from a thief trying to take our crop for the medical collective. Many patients were not able to receive their medicine that year,

The area I was in, was known as a free public shooting range. People would drive down to this road, in order to shoot their firearms at an abandoned RV trailer, then leave off in their cars. This shooting range was located less than 100 yards from my farm, this is part of the reason why many people complained about hundreds of shots being fired in a day.

The day after the police cut down my collective's plants (with legal paperwork to grow) I was caring for, while arresting me. Then taking my weapons {LWRC DI 5.56 x 45mm, Glock 20 (10mm)}, for saying that they passed a law the week before, making it illegal to own a firearm on a legal hemp farm. Both of my guns were legal and registered in my name.

The next day after the plants were chopped down, and I returned to the field. There was a person who approached my campsite in a gillie suit, pointing a firearm at me, telling me to leave. They knew that I just had my firearms taken from me. This would not have happened, if I still had my weapons, and they knew that I was armed at least. Right when the criminals know that I am disarmed, they decide to pull a gun on me. They stole all of my collective's growing supplies, which had a lot of good soil and many other growing pots and seeds. I lost my thermal scope, armor, camera, music recorder and film. How am I supposed to even protect myself, from areas such as around "Murder Mountain." This all happens while I need to protect and value my life, as a cancer researcher and medical researcher. Especially if I am called up to help protect someone, as a journalist. Sometimes it takes the police over two hours to respond, if at all, to many calls. They claimed they passed the law for making it illegal to have a gun on a hemp field, just a week before I was illegally arrested and detained. I was detained for exercising my Second Amendment rights, I was obeying the law. Many authorities are the ones that try to create the problems, and put innocent people in jail. This is America, and I will not have my rights taken away by some politician or a corrupt lawyer.

I just want a piece of the freedom, that America has to offer. That is the right to own my own farm, with inalienable rights to own a gun. 

We realize that many people support the tyrannical Dianne Feinstein, and her draconian gun laws, that continue to get good fellow Americans, in trouble.

We feel like the police try to entrap people, with unjust laws in California.
  I have been to many different farms in Humboldt County. Many of you are now aware of who I am. All I am trying to do is work in peace, while doing science and cancer research.

One nice thing I can say, is that I never sold out to the government or anyone. I know that many people in the media, have sold the people out, and will not tell the truth, of what is going on. 

I do not work for the government, I am an independent journalist.

I have never informed on any person in Humboldt County, I honestly could care less what you do. I still do not care if you sell any types of drugs or arms, I honestly do not care. One thing that many of us can still agree upon, is that many of these missing people need to be found. 

I will never inform on any of the farmers here for cannabis. I say this because I have been to over half of the farms.  Many of the growers and farms are not the problem. I've been over to a hundred farms of different people, and have not had a problem.
I believe they have the right to grow hemp, feed their family and have the right to the 2nd Amendment. I consider myself an ally, to many of the farmers in California.  I feel as if I am a doctor, and have confidentiality with all of the people here.
My job is to bust corrupt government officials that violate the Constitution and harm Americans.
I am a journalist, and I do not work with the police, I also record movies and music. If I do have to record something on a farm, I will get that individuals permission first, such as many other journalists have permission to film or record anything.

Many times I get called up for security on different farms, as for working and overseeing a farm for a collective. 
When I look back and see how many properties I had access to. The reason why, is many of these people trust me, is that I have a doctor and patient confidentiality, that can never be broken.

I could care less what goes on people's farms, except for people being killed, I think this is reasonable.  I also think that we do need better environmental standards for farms, and that more farms should be mostly organic.

Here is my DJ & gaming channel -

Teemo shroom field tricks 1 vs 5 Quadra kill (music video)


Californians Turn to Private Security to Police Pot Country
Sept. 17, 2014

Over the summer, residents claimed men in military gear had been dropping onto private property from unmarked helicopters and cutting down the medicinal pot gardens of local residents. Local law enforcement have conducted helicopter raids in the area, but some worried the culprit this time was different: a private-security firm called Lear Asset Management.


Many of these same private security firms, accused of human trafficking, are trying to illegally raid the property of American farmers. 

 What is the best tactic to use against private security firms, that conduct illegal raids on property in America. This still happens, when many American citizens are obeying the law. Some people think the best thing to do, is have the American people combat these activities by Lear, as criminal activity against the American people. This is happening while these private contracting firms, can bring in soldiers and mercenaries, from around the world, to harm American citizens. We need to hold these firms, accountable for their illegal actions against the American people. This private company is not part of our government. In America, we elect our officials, we put in place military and police for protection. The people never even voted in, or elected these private security firms, to conduct Unconstitutional raids against the American people. The private security firm Lear, is just some unelected group, conducting raids on innocent American citizens. I think the American people, should deal with this tyranny. 


The New Pinkertons: Private Security Outfit Raids Pot Farms In California (Video)
 September 24, 2014

They wear camouflaged uniforms, bearing military-style insignia. They ride helicopters over the forests of Mendocino County, Calif., on the state's north coast, equipped with firearms, where they cut down illegal marijuana. But they aren't the army. They aren't even the police. They are Lear Asset Management, a private security firm that is attracting a lot of attention for the work it's doing -- and even perhaps some work it hasn't done
KCBS in San Francisco described them as "mysterious men dropping from helicopters to chop down" pot plants. Rumors swirl in the area's marijuana community about heavily armed men choppering onto their private land and cutting down their marijuana plants without identifying themselves or answering questions about who they are. Lear has become a boogeyman of sorts for a certain population in northern California.
But they aren't hiding. Paul Trouette, Lear Asset Management's 55-year-old founder, spoke with TPM for more than 30 minutes earlier this week to describe what his company does and why they do it. They see themselves filling a void that law enforcement cannot. Trouette at one point invoked the Pinkertons -- the private detective agency notorious for, among other things, violently busting unions and chasing Wild West outlaws -- to demonstrate the historical precedent for what they're now doing in this county of 88,000 on the edge of the California Redwoods.
"Law enforcement just doesn't have the means to take care of it any longer," Trouette told TPM. The 2011 murder of Fort Bragg, Calif. city councilman Jere Melo by an illegal trespasser tending poppy plants as Melo patrolled private land for a timber company made a big impression on Trouette, he said. Lear was incorporated the same year, and the company has worked with a non-profit founded in Melo's memory.
"That's when the hole began to be filled in my understanding of how to put together a cohesive, legal, organized private security firm that is now dealing with these types of issues," Trouette said, explaining that he sees Lear "on the cutting edge of citizens becoming involved in their communities and utilizing their legal rights to affect positive change in their communities."

Lear has already assumed a quasi-law enforcement role on at least one occasion. In June 2013, Lear was scouting an illegal marijuana grow on private land in rural Mendocino County when it encountered two individuals who were trespassing. They detained the men, one of whom was armed with a handgun, and called the police, who then arrested the men for possessing firearms and methamphetamine, the Willits News reported.
It is probably no surprise then that Trouette described his relationship with the county sheriff as "strained at times." In a phone interview with TPM, Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman seemed a little uncomfortable with having armed contractors operating in his jurisdiction. But he said he hadn't been given any evidence that Lear had infringed on marijuana growers' rights -- though he would be quick to investigate if he was. Trouette asserted that his team had only ever conducted marijuana raids on private land where they'd been hired to work.
"I will go out of my way to investigate anybody's who's doing vigilante work in the name of trying to make the world a better place," Allman said. "But I can't open an investigation until somebody says I'm the victim of a crime."
Marijuana eradication is only about 10 percent of Lear's work, Trouette said, which also includes environmental clean-up and more traditional private security like guarding construction sites. But regardless, he isn't worried about infringing on official authority and clearly holds a broad view of what private citizens are allowed to do under state and federal law. At one point, for example, he said that private citizens aren't restricted by the Fourth Amendment, which covers illegal searches and seizures, in the same way that law enforcement officers are.
"It's very clear in the penal code that citizens and private persons have an enormous amount of authority under the penal code and also sometimes even more authority where they're not subject to the Fourth Amendment restrictions," he continued. "You can witness a felony or a misdemeanor or any public nuisance, in your presence, and you have the ability to affect that arrest. And go to the point where the use of force is equal to the force used in the person that you're arresting."


Domestic Marijuana Eradication

The Domestic Marijuana Eradication (DME) Program is a federally funded system that directly supports local, state and county law enforcement agencies in the detection, dismantling and eradication of domestically grown marijuana. The DME Program is jointly administered by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration's Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services' Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement.
The program has been operational for over 20 years and has resulted in the detection of over 34,000 illegal grow sites, eradication of more than 2.7 million marijuana plants valued in excess of $3.2 billion, and the arrest of over 17,000 cultivators in Florida.
Since 2008, the Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement has administered disbursements of federal funds originating from the United States Department of Justice to support local, state and county agencies in their efforts to eradicate domestically grown marijuana.


Cops Exposed for Ignoring Sex Trafficking and Slavery to Raid Pot Farms for Profit Instead
September 16, 2016

Here at The Free Thought Project, we have documented numerous examples of how government’s war on drugs ruins the lives of innocent people and fuels the phenomenon called “policing for profit.”
In an investigative report by Shoshana Walter published at Reveal, we see the saddening, infuriating way in which these two products of the drug war come together in the Emerald Triangle, three counties in northern California that represent the largest cannabis-producing region in the U.S.
The good old days of the 60s – where hippies came to escape society and grow cannabis for a west coast population steeped in peace, love and mind expansion – have taken a turn for the worse.
It is still home to virtuous people making a living and respecting human rights and the environment. However, the Emerald Triangle has unfortunately been tarnished by the presence of psychopaths and police preying on the populace.

Walter relays the tales of female “trimmigrants” who trim cannabis buds during the June-to-November harvest. Some of them attend Humboldt State University, and others are attracted from farther away with the promise of good money to be made.
The investigation reveals a disturbing reality where some owners of pot farms, which are often located far from any town, force their trimmigrant workers into sex and sometimes don’t even pay them for work. One teenage trimmer described being locked in an oversized toolbox with breathing holes if she threatened to run away.
The problem is not that they are working in the cannabis industry, but the fact that government prohibition is perpetuating it as a black market — allowing for society’s worst to flourish. 
Federal government still classifies cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug – the most restrictive form of prohibition – and California has yet to legalize its recreational use. The state legalized medical cannabis in 1996, which fueled an explosive growth of cannabis farming in the Emerald Triangle, but the half-baked effort at decriminalization has brought little change to the region. Instead, greed prompted some unscrupulous players to seize on the obscurity of the black market.
Just as astonishing as the rise in sexual exploitation and the number of girls who go missing, is the stance of law enforcement. Rather than devote their resources to solving the real crimes of underage sex trafficking and slavery, cops focus on raiding grow operations – legal or not – to seize cash and assets for financial gain.


Sexual Assaults of Seasonal Pot Workers Marginalized while Cops Continue the War Against Cannabis
 September 26, 2016


In Humboldt county, over 350 people were reported missing in 2015. That's more missing people per capita, than any other county in the State of California. 


Where have all the missing persons gone?
By Linda Williams
Posted: 09/29/13,

Where have all the missing persons gone?
A look at missing persons in Humboldt and Mendocino counties
The Willits News...


Top 4 States for Human Trafficking
November 3, 2014
A 2013 report by the Polaris Project confirms commonly cited statistics on the top states for human trafficking. Using data collected by the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline(1-888-373-7888), the Polaris Project found that that between 2007 and 2012 the most potential reports of human trafficking came from California, Texas, Florida, and New York.
California’s Office of the Attorney General acknowledges that California is one of the nation’s top destination states. The office attributes it to the state’s population, location on the border, high immigrant population, and its large economy. California struggles with child sex trafficking, with the FBI rating San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego as areas of “high intensity child prostitution.”
Californa’s government is actively working to combat human trafficking in the state. Between 2010 and 2012,California’s task forces initiated 2,552 investigations into human trafficking, identified 1,277 victims, and arrested 1,798 individuals.


The reason why California has the highest number of people being trafficked, is that the authorities allow it to take place. Humboldt County is the number one county in California, where people go missing. It is true that certain authorities in California, are covering up many of these reports on missing people. While investigating these accusations, the authorities have tried to attack my media agency on multiple occasions. To where the authorities threaten my media organisation, including my life, and my family. I want to tell the people with 100% honesty, that I may not be able to continue with my documentaries and books. This is due to the government here in California. I do cancer research, including many science documentaries and political documentaries.

 Here is some of my research on childhood cancer:

My media site - Http:// 

My site on voter fraud -

The Monsanto Investigation 

 Jun 9, 2013
( Http://  )


My book on cancer: The DuPont Investigation -    

   The DuPont Investigation 

        Feb 18, 2014   

My other book on cancer: Pollution Science 101 - Cancer Investigated (California) -

As we know, Humboldt County is one of the biggest growing counties in the world for hemp. It is legal and should remain legal, to grow your own vegetables, and food, including hemp.  This includes the right to have your own land, and to own a firearm.


 The authorities in California, are trying to do anything to take guns away from the people of California. I have my Second Amendment Rights. These rights will not be infringed upon.
The authorities in California, are attempting to stop my investigations in these missing person reports that I showcase to the public. The problem is that we have politicians such as Dianne Feinstein, that run for office. Many people are leaving the state of California, because of the tyrannical laws, that are being passed in California. 


BEWARE! ATF Revised 4473 Background Check Form for 2017 
 Nov 18, 2016


The right to bear arms isn’t up for debate

 December 9, 2015

 When debating the wisdom of the Constitution’s Second Amendment, the media tends to start from the presumption that the question is purely scientific, and that the answers can — and should — be derived from statistical analyses and relentless experimentation. This approach is mistaken. The right of the people to keep and bear arms is not the product of the latest research fads or exquisitely tortured “data journalism,” but a natural extension of the Lockean principles on which this country was founded. It must be protected as such. 


All Federal Gun Control Laws REPEALED 2017 - Supreme Court Case
 Nov 30, 2016


The government of California has no right to tell the American people that they cannot own a firearm on their own property and living quarters. As a journalist, I am honored to be able to be one of the first to challenge the current Unconstitutional gun laws in California. Why are the authorities so eager to single me out and pick on me, out of all the people in Humboldt County, while investigating the problem, including the corruption in the government of Humboldt County. We now see that this new law, is just another anti-gun law, to take guns away from the American people. I am now filing a lawsuit against the government of Humboldt County, to get my firearms back. Here is the case number I filed to get my guns and money back from the property my collective I was living on for over 6 months. Case number CV160963, and case number CR1701547B  (the people vs Ross). I know that the people do not want to go against me, and many are thankful that I am standing up for the Constitutional rights of many Americans.

Here is the article on Humboldt County.
January 2nd, 2017 - Global Government Kidnapping Rings Investigated (Humboldt County)-

If you would like to help out, call the courthouse and tell them that you know about the corruption going on in Humboldt County. Humboldt County Superior Court (707) 445-7256. Here is the number to the Humboldt County Sheriff's office 707-268-2539, Eureka Courthouse (707) 445-7256 We know that the authorities have even covered up many of these missing person reports, and we are not going to allow these corrupt authorities to continue to harm more people. This is why many people have asked for a volunteer police force, cause the police in California have failed the people, and are now are becoming a nuisance to the gun owners of America. The people will soon revolt against this tyranny.

It is a pain how much extra stress the government of California is trying to add, by attacking me and my media agency.


California Death Spiral Continues As Liberal Elite Drive Out Conservatives

July 6, 2017


Here is my video on Dianne Feinstein. (Video now removed by Youtube...)


The Dianne Feinstein investigation 

 Mar 2, 2013


Deep State Targeting Journalists For Death
Jan 18, 2017

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I would like to state for the record, that I believe that the Laguna Beach government acted illegally by breaking into my home and damaging my external hard drives during the raid. To be honest, I get back to my house, and a box is left outside, and the box was flooded with some of my external hard drives. I cannot even find about 10% of my information, that was backed up on multiple sources. The federal government also refuses to give me back multiple computers and hard drives. I wish that the Laguna Beach Police would not come back to my house, and check on my dad for probation.  I think that probation this way, violates the Constitution. I did not break any laws, and I want my guns back, or else this will be treated as an illegal gun confiscation by the government of California. We know about the corruption going on in Orange County, California. I almost want to leave my headquarters here in Orange County, and California, because it is the local corruption in the government that continues to harm my family and my research. My California Driver's License number is D8434672, please do not allow this corrupt government of Orange County, to keep harassing my media agency. I received a letter in the mail in April, stating that I was not arrested, and that I was only detained for five days. I would like the harassment from the Laguna Beach Police, and the government of Humboldt County, to leave me alone, and stop harassing my media agency. I honestly don't want to start a fight or a problem, I would just like to be left alone by the government of California.

We need to reform the government of Orange County and California. For more information on my other arrest in Laguna Beach, California, view our article titled Laguna Beach Government corruption: Investigative report 1/16/2017.  (Asbestos contamination & our waterways in Orange County.) .


I also accuse the government of using JTRIG tactics against my media agency.


5 Rumored U.S. False Flag Operations
 Apr 9, 2017


(JTRIG suggested attacking people suspected (not convicted) of a crime or those simply engaging in online political protest. )

For more information, view our video channel Http:// .
This video channel is dedicated to uncovering political corruption, including educating the public about the groups responsible for endangering this planet. This site also includes voter fraud in the 2012 elections. We are currently working on many videos and articles, including pollution science and the recent activity with the Arctic Pole.