The Monsanto Investigation
                           Michael Ross
Companies such as Monsanto & DuPont, need to be held liable, for the current damage being done to the planet . This is why we will be
filing a lawsuit against these companies. We hope that through legal actions, that we may be able to stop these companies from
further harming the environment, once and for all.

For the record, Youtube blocked my channel ""  My video site was up for over 6 years on the internet. I understand it is the government and social networking sites such as Facebook, that are trying to restrict and limit the free press as much as they can right now. Many people who are trying to tell the truth, are being blocked from different controlled social networking sites such as Facebook. I do a lot of good science and cancer research, I am also part of the free and independent press. I feel that it is my right to show the people the truth. I do not think that my cancer research should be blocked from the public as well.

Scroll down below to see the lawsuit we filed against Humboldt County. This lawsuit is in regards to the freedom to exercise our
Second Amendment rights in America, while being located on a hemp farm for a medical cannabis collective in California.

The following articles have been released for public viewing.

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Here are the following legal documents for my new court case in Humboldt County, you will see that I work for a legal cannabis collective and obey the laws, here is the paperwork.

For more information on our civil case in Humboldt County, view our article titled
Global Government Kidnapping Rings Investigated (Humboldt County)-

For more information, view our video channel Http:// .
This video channel is dedicated to uncovering political corruption, including educating the public about the groups responsible for endangering this planet. This site also includes voter fraud in the 2012 elections. We are currently working on many new videos and articles.